Controller Accidentally Unveils Cheaper Xbox Series S

Controller Accidentally Unveils Cheaper Xbox Series S

It seems that in addition to the Xbox Series X, Microsoft will also release a cheaper Series S.


Separately, two testimonials pop up on Twitter from people who recently bought Xbox controller. The manual stated that the device works with iOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox Series X and S.

The Series S is exclusive because Microsoft has not yet announced it. The company previously announced details about the Series X, including that the console will be on the market at the end of this year. Series S does not formally exist yet.

Most likely it is a cheaper version of the latest Xbox. It is not the first time that a second device shows up.

A similar reference was found in developer notes earlier in June. Then it came to a console code-named Lockheart. The Xbox Series X itself was code-named Anaconda.

What makes the Series S different from Series X is not yet known. At the end of this month, Microsoft promises more details about its gaming hardware.

More technical details, a formal confirmation of different versions of the console, or their pricing may then follow.

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