Chrissy Teigen: “I’M Not Feeling Well”

Chrissy Teigen: “I’M Not Feeling Well”

Chrissy Teigen: “I’m not Feeling Well.” Chrissy Teigen is not feeling well lately.


That is the 33-year-old model on Instagram.

The brunette does not explain the exact reason for this.

“I have not been at my best lately.

A lot less than at my best. I think I lump.

I am also super grumpy. And I am tired.

Don’t tell me that I need to go to the doctor.

I do, but I still need help with the grumpy part.

Is there a doctor for grumpy, “Chrissy wrote with a picture of himself on the beach.

John Legend’s wife also says that she recently ordered a coffee and then just ran away.

She also thinks she should eat less spicy food for a month.

“My food is very spicy, full of garlic and very sour.

My stomach is so angry with me.

I think my organs are a thousandth thick and will soon give up.

I love you.”

Apparently, not the first time that Teigen is struggling with her feelings.

In 2016, after the birth of her daughter Luna, she developed postnatal depression.

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