Chinese Television Censors COVID WK Images

Chinese Television Censors COVID WK Images

The Zero-Covid rules of China also meet the world championship. Because if you watch football, you will see a different picture than in other countries.


The broadcasts of the World Cup on State television hardly contain images of the public because that public does not wear a mouth mask.

While international broadcasts emphasize the spectators and the atmosphere, the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV seems to do the opposite. Instead, the cameras are focused on the field and seem to stay there too.

According to Times, which analyzes the images of Bloomberg News and on social media, spectators who go to the matches would look out of it and are being replaced by images of coaches or teammates sitting on the couch. Spectators who wear mouth masks still come into the picture.

“I am convinced that it has to do with Covid,” says Mark Dreyer, who manages the website China Sports Insider, on Twitter. “They do not want to emphasize that there are unmasked people at the stage because it ruined the facade that Covid is killing everyone abroad.” A measure, according to Dreyer, since there are still thousands of spectators next to each other and without a mouth mask with the wider images.

According to Dreyer, cutting in Doha is carried out by CCTV editors who can choose in real time between dozens of different images. Usually, the choices would also be subtle enough so that viewers do not realize them.

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