China: Expelling Diplomats by the US is Wrong

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China: Expelling Diplomats by the US is Wrong. The expulsion of two Chinese diplomats by the US has been called “wrong” by the Beijing government.


According to The New York Times, two employees of the Chinese Embassy in the US were secretly expelled from the country in September for espionage.

It is the first time in thirty years that Chinese diplomats have been deported for that reason.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Monday “to urge the US to correct their mistake.” The ministry also criticised the story of The New York Times because it is “completely contrary to the facts.”

Government sources say in the newspaper that the incident confirms the suspicions of the US government that China is focusing more on espionage in the US.

The two diplomats drove past the checkpoint of a military base in Virginia without the correct documents in September.

On October 16, the US announced that Chinese diplomats should not go to government buildings or meet politicians without permission.

It was officially a retaliation measure for a similar Chinese rule introduced years ago, but it seems to have more to do with the September incident.

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