Chairman of the Climate Summit: Still a Lot of Work Ahead

Chairman of the Climate Summit: Still a Lot of Work Ahead

Countries must go the extra mile to reach a good final agreement for the UN climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh on Friday, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said on Monday.


He is the chairman of the so-called COP27 and, according to him, “there is still a lot of work ahead”.

The final agreement must contain a political statement that all countries are willing to commit. In addition, it contains goals and commitments that were decided at the climate summit in Egypt.

Among other things, damage caused by climate disasters is on the agenda. In addition, poorer and vulnerable countries should receive help to defend themselves against climate change, including climate finance. Rich countries previously agreed to make at least USD 100 billion available annually for climate action in poorer countries, but this amount has not yet been achieved.

The United Nations also shared a preliminary version of possible agreements on climate finance in the final agreement on Monday. This text is likely to receive many changes before it is adopted. It contains various options, such as setting up a new fund for countries affected by climate disasters. Another proposal is to continue negotiations on this subject for another two years.

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