CBS: Via Mailbox Firms, 3.7 Trillion Euros Channelled To Foreign Countries

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CBS: Via mailbox firms, 3.7 Trillion euros Channelled to Foreign Countries. The majority of foreign investments in the Netherlands are being exported through letterbox companies.


It is about 80 percent of the 4.587 billion euros that came in the Netherlands last year, the Statistics Netherlands (CBS) calculated.

There are more than fourteen thousand of such letterbox companies.

Four in five have no actual economic activity in the Netherlands.

The majority of the letterbox companies were set up by companies to pay as little tax as possible.

In 2017, 3,665 billion euros were exported again in the Netherlands.

Slightly more than half of the investments were made outside the European Union.

Relatively often money went to Asia and Oceania, especially to India, Hong Kong,

 China, Australia and New Zealand. Mexico, Argentina and the Cayman Islands are also famous.

The Netherlands is one of those countries that have the most tax arrangements with other countries.

The majority of these also concern double tax treaties that restrict a multinational company from having to pay tax on the same activities in several countries.

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