Britons Discuss Route in Phases From the Lockdown

Britons Discuss Route in Phases From the Lockdown

British ministers and business leaders are negotiating a roadmap that the country hopes to remove the restrictions on economic and social life gradually.


The corona measures were scheduled to be phased out in five phases, starting in March and the final phase to be in July, 16 months after Prime Minister Boris Johnson proclaimed the first lockdown.

The Daily Mail newspaper indicates that implementation of the plan will begin March 8 with the reopening of the schools. The next relaxation would be examined every four weeks.

According to the newspaper, it is the intention that shops that do not pass as essential can open their doors again at the end of March or early April. Easter falls on April 4 this year and in the first week of that month, large hotels and holiday centres could open again, as well as golf and tennis courts.

According to the step-by-step plan, the catering industry will be next in early May, although restrictions on the number of customers remain. At the beginning of June, the restrictions still in place in bars, pubs and restaurants should be further relaxed.

In July, corona measures such as masks and keeping a distance would still apply, but the catering and tourism industry could then again be working at full speed.

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