British Minister: Government Continues to Function

British Minister: Government Continues to Function

British Prime Minister Michael Ellis says the government will continue to run the country even if Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns. Pending that resignation, Ellis made a statement in the House of Commons on Thursday.


Ellis is the so-called ‘paymaster general’ of the cabinet, whose task is to oversee the management of the government. He sees it as the duty of the team of ministers that the United Kingdom maintain a functioning government. “We must continue to serve our country.”

Dozens of government officials have resigned in recent days because they no longer had faith in Johnson. Replacements must now be sought for all those people.

Ellis did not want to anticipate the statement that Johnson will give later in the day. Johnson wants to remain as acting prime minister until a new party leader is elected within the Conservative Party, according to British media.

Ellis declined to comment on whether Johnson will indeed continue to lead the government, or if someone else should, such as current Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab.

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