Boris Johnson Has To Go To Court

Boris Johnson Has To Go To Court

Boris Johnson Has to go to court for Lies in the Brexit Campaign. Boris Johnson, a famous possible successor to British Prime Minister Theresa May, has to answer for a judge, the judge in London said on Wednesday.


He is accused of having lied to the public in 2016 during the Brexit campaign.

Johnson, one of the politicians who ran a pro-Brexit campaign,

 always claimed in 2016 that EU membership would cost the UK 350 million pounds each week.

Johnson was a member of the Lower House at that time; he later became Minister of Foreign Affairs.

A businessman has accused Johnson of abusing his public office.

His lawyer stated earlier in interviews with British media that “it does not matter which party you are from,

¬†nor whether you are for or against Brexit”.

“Democracy requires responsibility and fair leadership from those who hold public positions.”

Statements about 350 million pounds were controversial during the campaign
Johnson’s statements about 350 million pounds were already controversial during the Brexit campaign.

Opponents of the Brexit stated that the figures were completely unfounded.

The businessman’s complaints were upheld on Wednesday.

It means that the first hearing will take place soon.

The British have still not closed a Brexit deal
At the referendum in 2016, the Brexit camp obtained a narrow victory.

Since then, the EU and the United Kingdom have been discussing an agreement with conditions for withdrawal.

The agreement May concluded with the EU was rejected three times by the British House of Commons.

The prime minister recently announced his resignation due to the protracted Brexit affair.

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