Blac Chyna Suspected Of A Threatening Personal Hairdresser

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Blac Chyna suspected of a Threatening personal Hairdresser with Knife. Blac Chyna is suspected of having threatened her hairdresser with a knife during a fight.


The police have confirmed that Blac Chyna is suspected of an attack with a potentially deadly stab weapon.

The reality star and her hairdresser fought on Saturday,

 during which the former girlfriend of Rob Kardashian would have pulled a knife.

When Blac Chyna then tried to drive away in her car, the woman hit her with cans of soda.

The model, whose real name is Angela Renée White, is said to have had a cash debt with the hairdresser.

The fight would have begun after the hairdresser asked for the money.

Blac Chyna’s six-year-old son King, who she had with her ex Tyga, was also present during the occurrence.

The police have therefore also informed child protection.

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