Bizzey Received Ketamine On Grandma’s Birthday

Bizzey Received Ketamine On Grandma’s Birthday

Bizzey Received ketamine on Grandma’s Birthday. It must have been a bizarre trip for rapper Bizzey.


Although the rapper himself stays far away from, for example, cocaine,

 an accident on his wife’s grandmother’s birthday made sure that he got something,

 he says in an interview.

Leo Roelandschap, as the rapper is called, says it happened on his wife’s grandmother’s birthday.

“I swear. The birthday was celebrated in a pancake house where I was standing outside on a trampoline with my son.”

Bizzey jumped from this rather unhappy and broke his ankle.

“When I was carried inside, I was recognised throughout that restaurant, especially by the children. Not much later, the ambulance arrived.

The brother asked, “Do you want to leave?” I thought he meant that I wanted to get out of the restaurant, to the hospital,

 so I immediately shouted, “Yes!” Before I knew it, I had ketamine in my mouth.

That’s just a painkiller. “

“I heard people talking, but not again. Looking weird.

This was the most awkward situation I have ever had, “said the rapper.

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