Biden Puts Trump’s Diet Coke Button Back on Desk in Oval Office

Biden Puts Trump’s Diet Coke Button Back on Desk in Oval Office

He had disappeared for a while, but now he’s back: the call button with which Donald Trump, according to an American reporter, ordered a Coca-Cola Light from his butler from the Oval Office.


The button was no longer visible on the desk on the first day of Biden’s presidency, but yesterday it reappeared there. The call button has been around for decades, including under Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

President Joe Biden has now apparently put the call button back in the same place where Donald Trump left it during his entire presidency.

The button was temporarily moved elsewhere in the Oval Office. In 2017, in interviews with the Associated Press (AP) and The Financial Times, Trump said somewhat mysteriously, “Everyone gets a little nervous when I press that.”

British political journalist Tom Newton Dunn noticed that the button had disappeared, as evidenced by the first images of Joe Biden in the Oval Office. Together with a colleague, Tom Newton Dunn interviewed Donald Trump himself in the Oval Office in 2019.

“We became fascinated with what the little red button did. Finally, Trump pressed it, and a butler brought a diet coke on a silver platter,” the journalist wrote on Twitter a few days ago.

He added that the first Coke was for Trump, but that the president then asked reporters if they wanted one. “Yes, please”, was the answer.

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