Belgian Corona Figures Remain Stable, Million Injections Have Been Taken

Belgian Corona Figures Remain Stable, Million Injections Have Been Taken

The Belgian Crisis Center is optimistic about the development of the corona figures in Belgium. “For the time being, it looks like we are not going to leave the plateau in the figures,” says virologist Steven Van Gucht.


After a short flare-up, the figures have been falling again in recent days. “The exponential rise is not happening.” The country will pass the first million injections on Tuesday.

Of the approximately 650,000 Belgians who have been vaccinated, more than half have had a second vaccine so far, a press conference of the Crisis Center showed. This concerns staff and residents of residential care centres and hospital staff. This week started with the vaccination of people over 65 who do not live in a nursing home.

According to a spokesperson for the Belgian vaccination campaign, the first vaccinations show a “very high effectiveness”. A week after they received their second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, only 0.13 percent of people tested positive for Covid-19. The percentages were also low with the other vaccines, the spokesman said.

Belgium has received approximately 1.5 million doses since December, of which nearly one million from Pfizer / BioNTech and over 400,000 from AstraZeneca. The rest came from Moderna.

The number of new infections per day in Belgium has fluctuated at the same level since November. “The numbers are not increasing, which shows that the current measures are paying off,” said the virologist.

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