AstraZeneca Also Only Has A Best Efforts Obligation in the Uk

AstraZeneca Also Only Has A Best Efforts Obligation in the Uk

Pharmaceutical AstraZeneca also has a best efforts obligation in the United Kingdom when supplying corona vaccines. That report news channel CNN has secured a 52-page contract between the British government and the company.


Such an agreement is less strict than a delivery obligation.

The contract uses the same language as in the agreement between AstraZeneca and the EU, CNN said. The pharmaceutical company clashed earlier with Brussels because it can deliver far fewer doses of its corona vaccine than expected. In the UK, there did not appear to be any problems with delivery.

AstraZeneca emphasized at the time that there was no obligation to supply in the EU but an obligation to use best endeavours. This means that the company pledges to do its best to keep agreements. “We do not commit Europe,” said Pascal Soriot in an Italian newspaper at the end of January. “We said we’re going to do our very best.”

The news channel had been trying to get hold of the British contract for some time, but London initially refused to cooperate.

After an appeal to the British Government Information Act, the channel received a link to the contract. This is a version in which specific information has been omitted, for example, about the dates on which vaccines are delivered.

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