Apple Warns of Risks of European Rules on Digital Commerce

Apple Warns of Risks of European Rules on Digital Commerce

Apple opposes European Union plans for new rules in digital commerce. The company warns of negative consequences for consumers.


The iPhone manufacturer has criticized, among other things, the fact that it will be forced to allow other app stores on its products. That would seriously affect the security and privacy of users, Apple argues in a document published Wednesday.

The company points out that all apps and updates on its platform are examined to filter out fraudulent apps. In addition, developers must adhere to Apple’s data protection guidelines. The company emphasizes that these security measures do not apply to so-called sideloading, where apps are loaded onto the iPhone from sources other than the official store.

Users would also be more at risk, the company warns. On the one hand, because some apps would only be available through sources other than the App Store and on the other, criminals will be more inclined to attack the iPhone due to the new situation.

In the document, Apple does not directly refer to the European Commission’s planned Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Still, CEO Tim Cook did so in an interview at the Vivatech technology conference a few days ago. He then said the rules would “force sideloading on the iPhone.” “As we see it, this would negate iPhone security and many of the privacy initiatives we’ve built into the App Store,” he said.

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