Apple Says Sorry For keyboard Problems With New MacBooks

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Apple Says sorry for Keyboard problems with New MacBooks. Apple has apologised to those still experiencing problems with the keyboard of the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, according to the reports.

In a statement, an Apple spokesperson states they are aware of problems with the MacBook keyboard.

“We are sorry. Most people have had good experiences with the new keyboard.”

Apple released new versions of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro last year.

These laptops were equipped with a new butterfly keyboard,

which is quieter and could control dust and crumbs better.

In earlier versions of the keyboard, Apple faced criticism from users,

because the keyboards would be unsafe to dust and crumbs, causing keys to get stuck.

A protective layer under the keys of newer MacBooks should solve that.

However, Apple confirms that the complaints are still there, albeit less than before.

It is yet to know how many users are affected.

People who experience from it are advised to contact Apple customer service.

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