Another Cyber Attack Against Ukrainian Government Websites and Banks

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In Ukraine, government websites and banks have again been hit by a cyber attack. “Around 3 pm UK time, another large-scale DDoS attack was launched against our state,” said Minister of Digitization Mychailo Fedorov on the social media channel Telegram on Wednesday.


The websites of the parliament, the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are overloaded and therefore difficult to access. Bank websites are also said to have been affected by the attack. In a DDoS attack, a large number of requests are sent to websites at the same time, blocking them.

Last week, banks and government websites were also hit by a cyber attack. It was the worst DDoS attack in the country’s history. However, Ukraine took security measures, which apparently ensured that other websites were not affected by Wednesday’s attack.

A similar cyber attack also hit Ukraine in January. According to Kyiv and American experts, Russia is responsible.

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