Almost Fifty Million Votes Have Already Been Cast in the US

Almost Fifty Million Votes Have Already Been Cast in the US

Almost 50 million Americans have already taken the opportunity to vote in advance in the upcoming elections. President Trump will do that on Saturday in Florida, where he will vote himself.


That is possible in Florida, and more than four million people have already done so. At a university in that state (University of Florida), election statistics have been meticulously kept for a long time, and the counter stands at 49.3 million. And that was before Thursday’s debate between ruffs Donald Trump and Joe Biden

In the November 3 election, 257 million Americans over the age of 18 will be eligible to vote. But there are also people who, as a result of rules that differ per state, do not have the right to vote, for example, because of a criminal conviction. So almost 240 million people can vote, including Americans living abroad.

The U.S. The university’s Elections Project estimates that as many as 85 million voters will have cast their votes before November 3. That is more than half according to the observers’ estimate. Elections Project expects 150 million votes. That would then be a turnout of more than 62 percent. If this estimate turns out to be correct, this year’s election is heading for a record turnout in recent history.

It stands at 61.65 percent for the November 4, 2008, presidential election between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain. In second place is the presidential elections of 2016 (Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton) and 2004 (George Bush v John Kerry) with 60.1 percent.

In recent history, 1996 was a low point for turnout in presidential elections. Only half (51.7 percent) of the voters came up with the choice between Democrat Bill Clinton and Republican Bob Dole (and the independent Ross Perot).

Further back in history, 1908 was a record year with 65.7 percent turnout in the battle between Republican William Howard Taft and Democrat William Jennings Bryan.

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