A Pregnant Chinese Woman Lost Her Child After She Denied Access to the Hospital

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A pregnant Chinese woman has lost her child after she was denied access to the hospital because she was unable to present a valid negative corona test. That writes The Guardian.


The woman from Xi’an, the Chinese metropolis that is currently the scene of a particularly far-reaching lockdown, was already having contractions on the evening of Saturday, January 1, but was not allowed to enter the Gaoxin hospital because her negative corona test was four hours too old…

While the woman waited outside the hospital for the result of a new test, she began to bleed profusely. After a while, she was allowed to enter the hospital, but her baby died anyway.

The woman’s story went viral on social media and was also reported in Chinese media. Local authorities subsequently launched an investigation and ruled that the baby’s death was “an accident caused by negligence”.

Two hospital officials were fired, one manager was temporarily suspended. The hospital was also officially blamed and had to apologize publicly.

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